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Los especialistas en construcción e ingeniería civil, BAM Nuttall, desarrollarán un nuevo muelle en la Antártida, como parte de una mejora de 100 millones de libras de la estación de investigación Rothera. BAM Nuttall seleccionó la premiada solución de WorkMobile para ayudar en un nuevo proyecto en la Antártida.

The utilities firm initially collaborated with WorkMobile on a variety of small, specialist projects within the company, and was particularly impressed with the agility of its solution, and the resultant speed of design, development and deployment of the tailored products. 

This enabled them to identify and fix operational challenges much more quickly than before and meant that the solution has been enthusiastically adopted by employees doing a variety of tasks, with an end user survey providing excellent feedback.    


Following the success of these early projects, South West Water has decided to significantly extend the use of WorkMobile’s technology throughout its organisation, to supplement and complement its core IT systems.


WorkMobile’s flexible application allows businesses to create mobile solutions relevant to the specific job in hand, including site inspections, health and safety reports, time sheets and site surveys. 


Using a mobile solution to capture this essential information reduces the risk of data being lost or incorrectly collected, enabling businesses to meet compliance requirements. The app, which allows data to be captured and analysed in real-time, can be accessed via users’ smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

Jon Newton said “After completing some initial projects with WorkMobile, we have been really impressed with the platform and are looking forward to rolling it out across the wider business network.


“The app has allowed us to quickly implement the solution across our employee devices and has aided our ability to record, save and share data from site visits. We now have a solution that allows data to be captured more accurately, meaning that we can present clear and concise reports to our clients. By rolling out the solution to additional teams across our business, more will benefit from this ease of data capture every day.”

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