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WorkMobile para la prueba de entrega

Construya un sistema de prueba de entrega que le permita asignar el trabajo a conductores individuales, capturar firmas usando el móvil y luego crear un flujo de trabajo para enviar automáticamente por correo electrónico a su cliente un documento de prueba de entrega en PDF

Our Employee Benefits

One of our main focuses is to be a great employer, focusing on inclusion, collaboration, flexibility and health and wellbeing. We strongly believe the range of benefits and conditions offered to employees provides opportunities for a successful work life balance.

Where it all happens

The stereotypical corporate office has often been depicted as a shabby, stuffy, and confined area that drains imagination and prevents collaboration. Thankfully, such traditional corporate offices are a thing of the past and we've taken this in our strive!

With our stylish open office space, relaxed dress policy, and many other employee benefits, our employees are free to enjoy the freedom of working in a laid-back environment. 

Flexibility and Annual Leave Entitlements

We understand the importance of additional breaks in order to spend quality time with loved ones and to rest and rejuvenate. Thats why WorkMobile employees are entitled to 26 days annual leave + bank holidays in addition to having their birthday off. 

In addition to this, we believe flexibility in the workplace is vital as it allows employers and employees to make arrangements around working conditions that best suit them.

Employee Development and Training

We take a genuine interest in all of our employees personal development as we believe them to be the key to our success and their own career prospects. This is defined through development plans, performance reviews, in-house coaching by our dedicated professionals and training opportunities such as Apprenticeships and innovative courses for select individuals.

Our Staff Benefits
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